La Lavande Ephemera Luncheon or Cocktail Disposable Napkins

La Lavande Ephemera Luncheon or Cocktail Disposable Napkins

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Lavender and Ephemera combined to beautiful effect.

Why decorate the table with boring plain napkins when these are available? And not just for napkins, but use them to line a basket, or a tray, use them in place of a table runner (you could put them end to end with a dab of glue on the tips) - there are so many ways to be creative with these beautiful paper napkins, all of them inexpensive!

Paper napkins easily add a festive touch to a table without breaking the bank.  Easily combined with cloth napkins to add color, whimsey or complement a theme.  We offer a lot of designs and patterns to create memorable tables.

3 ply naturally bleached, without chlorine.

Cocktail napkins are 10 by 10 inches and 20 to a pack and luncheon napkins 13 by 13 inches, also 20 to a pack

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