Pillows : Duvets

Pillows - Euro Pillows

The 24-27 inch Euro pillows are available in stores that sell pillows and bedding.

The 30-inch pillows can occasionally be found in stores but we do not believe most are great quality. We offer those in both down and fabulous soft poly.

We also offer a 14 inch boudoir throw pillow insert.


German duvet covers are smaller than American comforter covers, typically, the duvets sit on top of the bed, and don't go over the side usually. The duvet inside is typically fluffy and puffed up, it sits on the bed like a cloud and you feel like you are sleeping under one too.These are not made for standard American beds, so you need to measure and check for sizing. We find we can use a Full size feather bed with these and put it on a twin or full size bed.       

A customer was kind enough to share that she found a source for duvets that works well.
Belk has a mattress topper (it's about $40 when it's on sale) that fits most German duvet covers like it was made for them. They are soft and fluffy and replicate the feel of European duvets very nicely.