Hints and Tips for Linens

  • Linens with permanent stains or damage can still be recycled. Use them as a creative way to wrap a small gift for example, along with a pretty ribbon. You can also use small pieces of linen cut in circles, as sachet or pomanders, even the smallest doily is great to hold herbs and scents.

  • Vintage and antique bedding is often too small for our larger beds today. But you can create a king-size sheet very easily and very quickly by sewing two sheets together. This quick and easy project only requires the ability to do a straight stitch!

  • Spring-cleaning? Don't throw away small slivers and fragments of soaps. Always collect the small soaps from hotels too - these are wonderful ways to scent all your linens and lingerie drawers - the scent of the soaps is as good as sachet!

  • Now that Spring is here and warmer days are in sight, are you looking for a new cool look in your home? Try using vintage linens as very special window treatments. Use antique tea towels in the kitchen windows, or antique sheets in other rooms for a cool and romantic look.

  • Planning a wedding? A lovely and creative way to make unique table settings is to use vintage linens. Mix and match a wide assortment of napkins for example. Keep to a unifying theme, for example all damask, or all embroidered - and have fun!

  • Looking for more ways to 'summerize' your home? Try using Euro pillowcases on sofas and easy chairs. The regular large backing pillows can be replaced with these plump pillows covered with beautiful vintage shams. Add a vintage sheet for a quick slipcover on other areas of the sofa or seat.

  • It's hot and humid, but put the sun to great use for your linens! The sun is nature's best bleaching again. In the old days people referred to the large fields where sheets were placed to dry as the 'bleaching fields'. Place a cleaned item in the sun and watch the sun work magic on residual yellowing or darker stains. 

  • Tired of the heat and want to do something useful indoors? Tackle a project your linens will thank you for. Empty your linen cupboards, dust them, line them with paper (preferably acid-free tissue paper) and re-fold or re-roll (even better) your linens. You will avoid permanent creases and provide a useful airing out. Replace sachets and pomanders at the same time.

  • Start looking now for special linens as holiday gifts for friends and family. You have time now to focus on finding items with their monogram, for example (or getting monograms added to items you buy now). 

  • This is the time to start thinking of your table settings for the holidays. From Thanksgiving to New Years' you'll be very busy so think about these things now and relax as time nears. Try mixing and matching or unusual combinations. Don't be afraid to experiment and try different textures and ideas. You will create memorable settings and classical memories, guaranteed!

  • Think vintage linens for great gifts - they are unique and special and reflect the thoughtful giver in a way no new item can! Anyone would enjoy using the older pieces that are often so much better in quality than new pieces!

  • Ever wondered what else to do with small doilies and remnants, pretty pieces you can't really do much with! Have an ornament creating party and go to town. Try using extra strong starch or white glue, and creative ribbons and hooks to create one-of-a-kind ornaments and seasonal decorations. You can even embellish items with fabric paint.